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We believe that happiness starts from within, and expands outward. Life is about connecting with one another, and co-creating for a brighter future.


What Does Prana Bliss Mean?

( Prana ) is your breath, the energy that gives you life. Prana is like a universal sea of energy that incorporates and infuses all matter. Prana is an extension of every atom, molecule, and cell just as waves are extensions of the sea.

( Bliss ) is an emotional state of personal fulfillment and happiness. Bliss is not necessarily an object or a thing but is something found in our inner state of mind, where all questions are answered, and where every fulfillment is attained.


You Are Powerful

Beyond words and thoughts. You are bliss in human form and your existence is of great importance. Do not let anything make you feel insignificant, you are truly unstoppable. You are here for a reason and we support your bliss.


Our bracelets are charged with the intentions to serve you and to aid in the creation of your blissful journey.

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We learn from others’ experiences and insight, and we learn together by pursuing new experiences alongside those we befriend. So add another friend to your life and drop us a message.


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